Tuesday, July 24, 2007 ;
2:33 PM
ok, must update on this, since they replied me!

After my post on the blog, I felt that I should not just sit and do nothing. So I emailed them yet again, this time being less polite and I did not mince my words at all. I even listed the example of the movie "The Terminal" starring Tom Hanks, about how the "Lost-and-Found" items were treated.

For those who didn't watch it, the terminal staff collected all the lost and found items and played cards using those items. So the winner gets to keep the items.

We received a prompt reply to this complaint. Funny how the earlier complaints were ignored or forgotten when they had more pertinent info and not so drama.

We were given profuse apologies and informed that the whole team and staff informed were briefed and they're trying to improve their service. To regain our trust, they are offering us 4x $300 electronic travel vouchers so that we will fly with them again and have a more pleasant experience.

Wow. SPeechless. I didn't expect that. Of course I thanked them, being the gracious person that I am (haha). But I still asked about the PDA and if they had any news, to inform me at once. It seems there is very little hope, cos they didn't mention about the PDA at all.

Law, I dunno if it could be stolen. Maybe? But that person must be very quick and smooth to do that, cos dh heard the thud, felt something drop out of his pocket, then checked his pocket, found his PDA missing, then started searching already. Maybe the person beside him? It was a youth. And this youth was travelling with his 3 other friends. Throughout the flight they were in super high spirits, talking loudly and making jokes. (though most of the others were sleeping and it was dim in the plane, being 1+am). hmmm.

The flight attendants were still ok. If it was stolen then it wasn't their fault. But then they should have let us look for it, and also the counter staff should not have brushed us off and refused to take our particulars. And then their Lost and Found hotline should be cleared regularly, how can there be a full mailbox and no person to really talk to? How come no reply for so long.

Sigh... I think maybe guys must chain and hook their HP and PDAs and wallets to their pants liao. Seems like things can drop out of pockets easily.

Dh is very sad about his files and software and contacts inside. Me, sad about the 2 days worth of photos, cos there is this 1GB SD card inside that i used. But I didn't imagine ds1 to be sad. He says he missed playing "Skyforce" and "bejewelled" on the PDA!!!!! aiyoh. so funny. that can easily be downloaded again, but not what we adults lost!

Ok, next, a piece of good news.

We bought our new car liao. And it has so far caused pple to drool. Ok, 1st let me qualify it is an old car, 1998 Chevrolet Malibu. Green in colour. 3.1L but quite fuel efficient actually. It is Auto transmission. The 1st Auto car we owned actually. And now I have to get used to driving in auto for my driving test!

Drumroll please, for the most impt fact, the price. Costs $3900. Well, for the Americans they already find it very reasonable, a good deal. For us, we could not even dream of paying this price for such a nice car in Spore.

It is the biggest car we owned before too. Will post a pic soon. Dh got a church friend with automotive know-how to give it the look over, and he found a brake wire dangling and so dh brought it back to the shop (only 2 blocks away from our hse) 1st thing this morning to ask them to take care of it. Also the air con is not very cold, so it is being recharged with freon now.

The rear right brake light wasn't working too, but dh fixed that himself. And then he went to buy a keyless remote for central locking and is trying to fix that up himself so we will have that too. It is more convenient, esp with our kids, to have central locking. However, a lot of wiring is involved (at least to me), and for us Sporeans not used to DIY, it is taking some time. hee. Something was wrong with the radio too, but dh managed to fix it as well.

Yay, so now we finally have a car again. Hopefully it will serve us well too, before it gives us any problems. Dh is learning preventive maintenance now, from the church elder who sold us the first car.

And another thing, we bought fireworks! Tmr is Pioneer Day, a state holiday here. And there were a lot of fireworks left over from Fourth of July in the supermarts. So we bought some that were heavily discounted, cos we never tried these before. FO course lah, being from Spore. Though I often see them in Malaysia during CNY and played with them with cousins before, they were never as fancy as those we saw in the supermart. These are those that really fly upwards and burst into showers.

But state laws require that we only use them 3 days before, on the day itself and 3 days after these holidays:
1st Jan, 4th July and 24th July.

So we were thinking, last chance this yr liao, must try. :-) Hope weather is fine tmr!

Will def post abt it.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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