Friday, June 22, 2007 ;
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20 June

After Bible class, kids had such a good time playing with just a magnifying glass. They shrieked and laughed and ran about, peering at each other through the glass. Amusing:

19 June


ds1 Sports summer fun classes.

For 3-5 year olds: a start to organised team games. 4x 1h sessions, $20. Held at the community park.

This is the 2nd session. We went a little earlier so they could run around freely first. There's a playground there as well.

Then the class started. The coach is a young and pretty mom. Her daughter is also in the class, as an assistant. :-) You can see her standing around and helping to pick up balls.
Left: warm up. Right: this week they learn kicking and dribbling ball with their feet. (last week was catching and throwing).

Below left: shows ds1 kicking the ball with all his might. You should see the proud look on his face after he kicked the ball and everyone cheered for him.

Poor ds2: always at the sidelines (see swimming in prev post also). Too bad a lot of programs are not for his age group yet. He kept wanting to run into the flagged field area where 哥哥 was. :-)

June 16


After my parents left at the airport, we immediately launched into a series of activities to take the kids' mind away from parting from their grandparents.

First, we had a meal at McGrath's Fish house, a big big treat reserved for special occasions. It is something like Fish and Co in Spore. Specialises in fish and seafood dishes. Around that kind of price too.

Second, something we have been waiting for a long time. To try the Cold Stone Creamery's ice cream. It is where you can custom order your own ice cream, using whatever ice cream, and whatever mix-ins you want. You know, like even Ben and Jerry's, I would like certain combis, but then I would wish there's a blend between chocolate fudge, heath bar chunks and choc ice cream, for example. And maybe some peanut butter brittle in it too? But then there's no such combi. So go to Cold Stone! They mix everything up for you on a frozen granite slab. Very interesting. It is very popular here, someone should franchise it in Spore, will be a hit for sure!

So on the pretext of celebrating fathers' day, we went there to get an ice cream cake.

And oh yes, another photo of our whole family that was left out in the prev post (cos this one was taken by dh's camera). The Olive Garden dinner fathers' day celeb.

After the ice cream, we went to Walmart to let kids choose their gifts using the money my parents gave them.

My mom instructed that a pair of sunglasses be bought for both of them, because the sunlight is really glaring here (higher altitude and very dry). She is worried for their eyes. So we duly bought them. They look very funny. But in order to encourage them to wear it, I have to whistle and act like they are very handsome rock stars whenever I put it on for them. Then they feel happy wearing it. :-)

ds1 chose a music instrument set that cost $27. It consists of a drum, with a belt that can attach to the drum and then be carried and march along at the same time. Something like a snare drummer's drum carrying position. A pair of drumsticks. A pair of maracas. A harmonica and a tambourine.

Once home, he began playing with it together with the chinese drum.

Shopping is quite fun for kids here. I remember posting before about various types of shopping carts: those with a contraption for babies to sleep in, those that can hold up to 4 kids, and so on right?

It is at all common supermarket chains. So this is one of them.

Took pics this time, cos both ds seemed in high spirits, and even looked like they were going to kiss each other (see left). haha. And then they pretended to be racing car drivers, vrooming at the top of their voices, making engine revving noises too (right).

Also let them do more craft.
Thanks Lawrence (Ng) for the sand kit.

After he did the given template, there was still a lot of sand left. So I gave ds1 some glue to draw his own pics and then pour the sand on the glue.

Below are the others (his own):

Got some pipe cleaners too, and let both ds make their own things. Sigh, boys will be boys. They made all kinds of monsters, robots and dinosaurs. I am still learning to try and appreciate these.

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