Sunday, June 17, 2007 ;
1:13 PM
June 12
Got my temporary driver's permit. This enables me to drive cars/ vans in this category as long as there is a licensed driver above 21 years of age who sits beside me. :-) Got this when I passed the theory test. No need to put P-plate or anything.

June 14


ds1's last day of summer school. They visited Liberty Park's water canyon. I didn't go so that he can socialise more with teachers and friends, although I would have loved to see what they did. I haven't been to the park but have heard of how big, how fun and how nice it is. I think to most Utahns, Liberty Park to SLC is like Central Park is to New Yorkers.

When dh brought him home at lunch time, my mom treated us to KFC buffet. Yup, they have KFC buffet here, something like Pizza Hut's salad bar, with salad, pasta, lasagne, and lots of chicken. Crispy, BBQ, spicy and original.

Then dh went back to school while we played at home.

June 15

My parents last full day here. We decided to celebrate Fathers' Day for my dad, so had dh buy back from Olive Garden. This is an Italian restaurant, that serves very good food for reasonable prices.

[Above left] Dad chose this pork tenderloin that's grilled in olive oil and rosemary, nothing fatty or contain purines that is bad for gout (uric acid crystal formation). And we made him a customised card from Shutterfly.

Shutterfly is where I got my photobooks published and also some personalised Thank You cards for the friends back home. They gave us things, I took pics of the kids or me using them, then pieced them together on a nice template background and sent them for printing. Mine were cheap and printed during a sale, but there can be really fancy cards designed by Martha Stewart if you like. I was very hooked after I got our Yosemite, SF and Redwood tour photobook published. I wrote stories (like this blog) and pieced all the pics together, to make something like a scrapbook and then got it printed, like a book, not photo paper. So I can let the kids read and pass to friends without being afraid the photos will get smudged etc. Also, after I lost thousands of photos all at once, I realised I need hard copies of impt photos.

Ron had dropped by in the morning to pass us these super sweet home-grown cherries (see his cherry tree in prev post). It must be packed by Mary Jo cos it's dressed very nicely. My parents enjoyed them very much cos they don't get to eat such sweet "ripened-on-tree" cherries. My mom even packed some back for my sis!! As for my dad, we found out later that cherries are good for gout! They prevent gout actually. Wow.

Below right: dh's choice of seafood penne pasta.

June 16
We woke up very early, had breakfast then all set off in the church van to send my parents off at the airport. Airport's abt 1.5hrs away.

Once we were there, we indicated we needed assistance for my dad, and at once there was a guy with a wheelchair. He even hoisted my dad into the wheelchair, although my dad could hobble some. Wah, so strong. He then helped to wheel my dad all around, while my mom checked in and dh went to park the van.

After that, we tipped him, he left and then we had some private time to ourselves before parents entered the security area.

Mom wrote one last "story book" for kids. Ds2 also showed grandpa an elephant. Then ds1 enjoyed pushing my dad very much, pushing him all the way to one end of the terminal then back. My dad also gamely practised wheeling himself, doing U-turns and so on... Afterall this is his 1st time in a wheelchair. He took everything in his stride, despite the pain, and having to go through long flights to LA, then Japan, then Spore.

Then we began the last hugs and words, and they went to queue. But, we forgot dad is now a privileged individual. The moment my mom queued with him to have security checks, a female officer signalled my dad right to the front. Look at the long queue he cut! They are very considerate and thoughtful of disabled or needy people indeed.

We went to a stretch of windows to watch the planes fly off. Both ds1 and ds2 cried later on. ds2 even called "A-po A-po". He still doesn't say Waipo, just A-po. Very funny.

To take their minds off my parents leaving, we went to Walmart and allowed them to use a portion of the money my parents gave them to buy something they liked. For ds2, I did the sums for him. But for ds1, we let him know he had $30 and he could choose things and then see exactly how much $30 can buy. Had actually wanted him to understand some math and some money concepts by this, but didnt know if it were a good idea after all cos all of us got so tired waiting for him to make up his mind.

He would get figurines and asked me to add up for him, then decided something else was more worth it. Then he'd take a moving dinosaur for adding up, and I would have to tell him it was too much, then he'd need to take something else. And so on. He also had too many distractions, he basically liked everything at the toy corner. And even wanted to expand his choices to food. Said he wanted to buy bread and peanut butter with his money! We told him no need, that we have at home...

And then he wanted swords and guns but we have a "no automatic/ sound making/ bullet shooting gun" policy. We're fine with water guns, but no other. No swords or those maces and funny weapons too. And no battery operated toy. I know very bad, so many restrictions, but then battery operated toys spoil easily and make too much noise.

So he chose and deliberated till 8+pm when I gave him an ultimatum to make the decision within 5min.

See next post for what they bought.

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