Tuesday, June 5, 2007 ;
12:38 PM
Was so happy to see them. They looked good after a few days stay in LA, before coming to us here in Utah. Hugged and then sat down for dinner.

It was simple fare, but it was so nice to be able to sit down, 3 generations together...

Below: salmon with mushroom sauce, just trying it out. Sauce not enough liquid. Bleah. But still tasty. My mom liked it a lot.

Btw, I found this website "cooking for engineers", and the recipes come in a very interesting way. Besides photos of most steps along the way, there are also charts and tables showing timings and when to add what. So now, if I can, I will picture some steps also, besides the final product. Then in future, I myself can have a reference. (Will also add on why this is very impt in a ltr post). :-)

After dinner, the unpacking began in earnest. Wowee! Yay! A lot of you may be able to spot what you asked my mom to bring to me in here. Thanks Sharon, Angeling, my sis, my in laws, Dorcas, Elizabeth, Lawrence Ng etc etc.

ds1 is seen holding on to the precious Tao Kae Noi seaweed that our whole family loves...

Angpow from Sharon. Shrek headbands from ah-yi (my sis). They sell the SHrek toy figurines here in Macs, not the headbands lei, different yah? Magnetic letters and numbers from Ronnie Quek, yrs ago as a bday present to ds1. Now ds2 can use it.

The next day, after Wed Bible class, everyone was still energetic and it was still bright and sunny (at 8.30pm), so kids played with grandparents in backyard as well as at church bldg compound. Haven't seen my dad being so physically active for a long time. :-) He's 70 already.

Then on Sat, we all went downtown to SLC. Dh and I caught a movie, alone! By ourselves! Kids and grandparents went to Discovery center to play.

Then we went to this restaurant known for fresh seafood that's flown in daily, Market Street Grill. Cos I missed seafood so much. Had a great dinner. My entree was this Pacific Red Snapper Monterey (above left).

Then I had a surprise: a dessert we didn't order came, and the server even held a lighter for me to blow off! haha. she said there was no candle. because of her service, dh tipped her $20!!! We later thought aloud, if she served at 10 tables per day and they tipped her $20, then she'd earn $200 just in tips alone! wow.

That's my birthday celebration! It's a really happy day. Thanks to all those who smsed and emailed me too. Pic below taken for us by server.

After the dinner, everyone felt that we needed to take a walk to burn off the extra calories. So we went sightseeing. On hindsight, it was good we did, cos later on, my dad got sick and we couldn't go out anymore.

Went to dh's school to show them around (he has the key so even though it was night time already, we could still enter).

Then, we visited the Temple. One of the most-visited attractions in SLC. It happens to be just where dh's school is. We even took a guided tour, cos when we stepped in, many friendly Mormons (or LDS) came and volunteered their services.

It was certainly very grand, and the famous Mormon Tablenacle Choir really had a good tablenacle to rehearse in. The acoustics were demonstrated to us, by someone dropping a pin, rustling a piece of paper and by someone just talking normally while turning around 360deg. We were seated very far away from that demonstrator, but every word was still heard very clearly.

This is the inside of the Tablenacle (right). Left shows my parents in front of the temple (main bldg).

At the end of the tour, they gave us a survey form and asked for comments. We wrote a lot. :-)

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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