Thursday, May 17, 2007 ;
3:56 AM
Couldn't resist this post after checking email.

Read a link that was shared in an egroup I joined..

About how young kids learn best through play, and sometimes an unstructured curriculum may be better.

Very interested cos I was just thinking I should be more structured in the things I do with kids, maybe get them to sit down and properly write the letters from A to Z and numbers from 1-20 and so on... I never did this... so ds1 writes very unproportionately, and mixes uppercase with lowercase... etc etc.

So far, they learnt their letters and numbers through exposure. Eg. when we eat cereal in the morning, I read the words on the cereal box to them, or the letters. Or in church, when we sing hymns, the numbers of the hymns are read out.

Then there are their Richard Scarry VCDs on ABC and 123, which they watch once everyday? And the online games on Fisher Price and CBB. That should be how they learnt it I think. Cos I never really sat down and went through these in order with them.

For counting, we do count steps and count sweets or food daily, so I guess that is something sequential. Somehow they learn it.

But I felt I was doing them a disservice, cos when they go to school, they may find it hard to adjust and then cannot perform well?

So I thought of being more structured after the summer.

After reading this, I am tempted to remain status quo. But it is very hard to decide what to do. I never know if something I decide now is going to affect their future in a negative way. What if I make the wrong decision? sigh...

Recently, after an assessment, ds1 was found to be at kindergarten level (or it was stated at least 18 months ahead of his age). And they said acceleration of grades are possible here, esp with private schools. So I thought, ok, can ask around, those elementary schools. I found 2 good ones near our area, which cannot take ds1 now cos of his young age, but they told me that in Jan 2008, based on the assessment, I can register for Grade 1 in their elementary school. So he can start Grade 1 in the Fall of 2008.

Wah, I was thinking, he'll only be in K1 in Spore... Then I thought, well, the K1 curriculum is the same as the Grade 1 one here, so better let him go Grade 1, else when we return to Spore, he cannot fit in, how? So we kind of already decided to register him for Grade 1 next Jan.

Then reading this made me think. Grade 1 at 5+ is a bit too much. He may be academically ready, but then, what about other aspects?

Also, am I ready to let him suddenly go to school for so many hours everyday next yr, when this yr he'll be going for 2 morns a week only? Will he like it or get used to it?

Could I not just let him attend morn kindy next yr too, like others his age, and then do my own stuff with him at home? He might be happier having more time to play.

And since play is sooooo important, I guess that'd be better for his overall devt?
I think we will just let him attend kindy instead then. Grade 1 is too much.

I just hope we make the right decisions. If we return to Spore when he is around P2-3, and then he goes in at that level, then find that he is actually doing P1 work only here, then I just have to help him catch up, and hope he will not be too stressed. Chinese would be a problem too, he doesn't get to use it here.

Sigh... Very difficult decision-making indeed. Just pray for wisdom.

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