Wednesday, May 30, 2007 ;
5:46 AM
29 May

Parents arrive at LA from Singapore on 25 May actually but they spent some time there first, before arriving at SLC airport at 4.30pm on Tues.

Dh went to pick them up after school. I cooked dinner and when they reached, we enjoyed an extended family sit-down meal. Long time did not have chance to do that!

After that we unpacked luggage together. My parents brought so many things for me. At my dad's age of 70, that is really difficult.

Many people also passed things to me through them, thank you so much! Pictures will follow in the next post. I just want to give a summary of their visit in one post.

Over the next 2+ weeks they are here, I had a great time. Not only could I go out with dh alone to catch a movie at the cinema (haven't done so for a year?), I could also get to taste my mom's cooking again. She brought local spices and stuff from home, so I got to eat very merrily, all the Spore flavours once again.

My kids also had a great time. They had so much attention showered on them, something they cannot receive from me, because of all the daily chores I need to perform. In fact, ds1 cried twice since my mom left, and said many times that he missed her. They left on Sat and on Sun morn, at 5.30am, he actually walked to the room she slept while she was here, called Waipo Waipo! then realised she wasn't here anymore, and cried very very badly. I had to console him for a long time.

Now he's ok, mainly cos there's still skype and also he can be distracted by other things. But that means I have to work extra hard!

Myself? I also suffered from withdrawal symptoms! When parents were here, I had the chance to go out with dh alone for a movie, and then could talk to other adults during the day. Usually I only have that chance at night when dh returns. I also had the chance to eat my mom's cooking again. :-) Because she brought a lot of local spices and ingredients, the food was very local, very authentic. Yummy.

Oh yes! I also had the opportunity to go for my driving theory test! It was very easy, 25Qs and I finished within 20min. Reminds us of the hc Bio MCQ papers? I always tell my students, "in reality, you have less than 1 min to answer each Q!" Thanks to those MCQ exam training, these are a breeze. When I entered the test area there were 5 pple doing the tests and when I was done, they were still doing the test.

Furthermore, the officer had asked me if I was able to take the English version of the test b4 I started. Dh sniggered at the side and gave me a "haha-got-insulted-again" look. A guy who handed up his test just b4 me (he emerged from another test aisle) failed it, and the officer kind of didn't expect me to pass either. Well, good that I "showed-em". topple both gender and language-discriminations.

However, the practical test slots are all fully booked till late July, so my slot will be end July. Parents won't be here already, and the kids will hv to be dragged down to the test ctr to watch me take test then. Ok this one will the one i am worried abt, cos I hv v lil practice and it's driving on the other side. I can't get used to gear shifting with my right hand, and signalling with my left. scared scared.

ok, on to photos next..

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