Monday, May 14, 2007 ;
9:36 AM
13 May
Mothers' Day

By the way, today I updated the blog at one go, cos I am free! Why am I so free?
Cos it's Mothers' Day, haha!!
So glad that for the first person who campaigned for an official Mothers' Day to be recognised.
I mean, we are and should be thanked everyday but it's nice to have a special day to be treated extra nice.

So today, I didn't need to prepare the meals or clear up, and dh took care of getting the kids ready for both church services etc.

This is an account of my day:
Morning - woke up early, and there, breakfast prepared by dh was waiting for me! yum yum!
Milo, ham-cheese-tomato sandwich, sunny-side egg the way I like it.

I had also received (surprise surprise!) in the mail, cup noodles from Angeling! Not any kind but the LAKSA flavour!! Oooh, I opened mine at once to eat it... WOw, delicious and how I miss that creamy spicy taste of the gravy/ soup. Well, this cup of noodles is really expensive, cost S$15 dollars at least, cos of postage which was $12! Very touched, thanks friend!

Both boys gave me cards. Although ds2's card was drawn by ds1 on his behalf. Very sweet of ds1 to draw one for ds2... This is the first time they're giving me something they wrote themselves! Past years, Dorcas, the Bible class tr, will always give them a simple craft to make and give to their mummies, which is really sweet of her. But this is the first time they made something by themselves. So although, not the pretty pretty kind, it is extremely special and precious to me.

Left: from ds2. Right: from ds1.

ds1 can already spell my name by heart. It was the second name he knew by heart, after his own... so touching. the rest of the words were spelt to him by dh.

That funny balloon-U is his "heart-shape". I tried not to laugh. It looks funny.

And he still writes his "N" laterally inverted, but I never correct him, cos I read somewhere they are all like that until they get older then they'll automatically correct themselves. He also doesn't know uppercase and lowercase separately and will interchangeably use them. :-) Looks very cute though, the childish handwriting.

He also emphasised that he used 4 exclamation marks cos he loves me very much and is shouting out the "happy mothers' day!" haha

And then, another surprise! In the backyard, the rose bush bloomed its first rose! SOOOO beautiful, a yellow rose... So coincidental too, like it was especially for me!

And the irises along the side of the house were blooming radiantly too, so I gathered some of them and dh took a pic.

Ok, I know the yellow rose looks very small and lonely in this pic, compared to the irises... But that's the surprising thing. It's a lone rose blooming on the whole bush, so nice right?

Above: the irises at the side of the house.

Then at church, a member (also a mom herself) gave out tiny cups of flowers to all mothers! So sweet of her. I chose a purple variegated one.

Pics below show the moms choosing their flowers.

For lunch, dh went to KFC to da-bao. And dinner was from a Chinese restaurant nearby. Forgot to take pic of the chinese food, and most of it is in our stomachs already. :-)

We didn't dine out today cos it would be very crowded, and the kids need to nap else they can't last through both morning and evening services with good behaviour. :-)

But, I got Ben and Jerry's in my freezer right now too! yay.. but I'm waiting till the kids sleep then I take it out to eat it by myself. haha. dh can't eat now, cos he caught a cold... or rather, we thought he caught a cold, but the church members all said it could be an allergy.

They say when spring comes, lots of people will have runny noses and so on, cos of all the flying pollen and such. Really, the wind is very strong, and even when we were at the zoo, we kept seeing visible specks of cottony stuff flying all around. At first dh thought it was the camel hair, cos we were at the camel enclosure. lol...

Think the Crills must've wanted to laugh, cos they said it should be from plants.

Both kids also have runny noses, but not serious. Funny I don't have, yet.... Not sure if will get it..

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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